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Creating personal learning network- education tecnology

Part one
Topic 9b: Personal Learning Networks:
Share with the others working on PLNs your plan for choosing your web-based interfaces as well as some of the resources you have decided to use for your network.  How do you think a PLN will enhance your own learning or help you connect with others?

Part Two
Creating a Personal Learning Network: (PLN)
During this module you have been learning about keeping current and connected and a life-long learner through the development of Personal Learning Networks or PLNs.  This is an important concept to develop in your professional career as an online learner and instructor.
Your assignment for this learning module is to find a web-based technology that will help you begin to collect the resources you will need for your PLN.  I provided an example of one I use called Padlet.  You should find another interface to develop yours.  Of course, development of this takes time so you should begin the process, share your plan for finding resources and include at least 10 resources that you consider essential to your professional development and connection to others in your field.  Remember PLNs are not just a collection of websites, but connections through social media to OTHERS!  You are creating a network of peers and collaborators!
1.    Think about how you can be connected to others you want to learn and grow from.
2.    Collect resources, join blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Nings, special interest groups,  associations, etc
3.    Decide on a “collector interface” for your resources!
4.    Collect at least 10 resources on your PLN as the beginning!
5.    Design a plan for expanding your PLN over time
Here some resources to read about personal learning network:

An example about PLN : http://padlet.com/cward/wardakron

Part Three (only one page)
Reflect on your week as a technology user in the classroom OR describe a technology experience you had this week (use the reflection guide–Description, Impact, Intent.)
Reflection–How did learning about PLNs change your thinking about professional development and life-long learning?  How did developing your own PLN help you think about social media and connecting with others in your field?
** Reflection must be 3 stages: 1- Description. 2- Impact. 3- Intent

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